Royal Caribbean International realizes that unforeseen circumstances may occur both before and during a cruise therefore designed Royal Caribbean Travel Protection Program exclusively for their guests. Some of the most important features and benefits of this travel insurance included:
Cancel your trip, for whatever reason, and you are covered. Up to 100% cash back for the unused portion of the cruise if you cancel for a specified reason, like illness or injury. 75% cruise credit if you cancel for any other reason.
If you get sick or injured during your vacation, get the care you need. The plan reimburses for medical expenses as well as emergency transportation by air or land. This is important as some primary health care plans do not provide coverage while at sea or visiting a foreign country.
Do not let delays slow you down. The Royal Caribbean Travel Protection Program covers travel expenses when you have been delayed, so you can get on with your vacation without skipping a beat.
Do not lose it over lost luggage. The Royal Caribbean Travel Protection Program has your bags covered if they are lost, stolen or damaged and for covered replacement items if they are delayed.
Whatever comes up, wherever you are, whenever you need it; the Royal Caribbean Travel Protection Plan is there to help. Vacations should be all about peace of mind.

The cost of Royal Caribbean Travel Protection Program is based on the cost of your cruise. Royal Caribbean International requires that in order to include travel protection coverage the Travel Protection Program must be purchased prior to final payment and prior to commencement of cancellation penalties. Once Travel Protection Program has been purchased, it is completely non-refundable. Insurance pricing and additional information on Royal Caribbean Travel Protection Program are available upon request by contacting the CR Cruise Department at 1-800-267-0041.

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